Gear Recommendations

THFA is committed to making historical fencing accessible to everyone, and part of that commitment is a dedication to proving effective protective equipment for all of our members as part of their membership. However, we do still encourage members to acquire their own equipment so that they consistently have access to items they know fit them well and that they are comfortable using (and it also ensures that new members consistently have access to the equipment they need in order to learn and grow as members).

The following are the general categories of equipment we require people have for fencing, and some basic recommendations for each (which are not exhaustive, if you're curious about other options, never hesitate to ask!):


Required equipment is:
Fencing mask (recommended: AF Epee, AF Padded Coach's Mask)
Gorget (recommended: Vytis Light, PBT)
Overlay/Back of Head Protector (recommended: SPES Unity)


Required equipment is:
350N or 800N Rated Fencing Jacket (recommended: SPES AP Light; PBT Evolution Light)
Athletic Cup

Recommended Equipment:
Hard Chest Protector (recommended: AF Basic)


Required equipment is:
Hard Elbow
Guards (recommended: SPES Elbows)
Weapon-appropriate Gloves (recommended: Sparring Glove Hourglass Mittens, SPES Heavies, PBT Light HEMA Gloves, AF Coach's Glove[sold individually])

Recommended Equipment:
Forearm Guards (recommended: SPES Light)


Required equipment is:
Hard Knee protectors (recommended: Knee Pro III)
Shin Guards that cover the ankle (recommended: Any field hockey shins)

Recommended Equipment:
350N or 800N Rated Fencing Pants (recommended: AF Basic 350N stretch, AF HEMA Pants)
Padded Shorts

Recommended Feders

Regenyei Short or Trnava Feders (Medium o
r Light flex)
SIGI Standard, Concept or Maestro (Standard through Mini lengths)
Pavel Moc DB or DC
VB Federschwert (Med or Soft flex)

Recommended Rapiers

Castille Economy or F2 blades
Kvetun Model 1
Pavel Moc HEMA Rapier

Other Recommendations

Kvetun Model 1&2 Sabers
InMotu M1 Sabers
Landsknecht Emporium Karl or Gottfried Messers
Feather Smallswords